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It's no mystery why some experts recommend standing while working. Standing provides plenty of physical and mental health benefits. That's why there's also a variety of supply of standing desks. 

We'll take a closer look at the four common types of standing desks and determine which is the best.


Fixed Standing Desks

As the name suggests, fixed standing desks have a set height. Therefore, you can work while standing, and if you need to sit, you need high chairs to go with it.

Sitting is just as important as standing. You do strenuous jobs while sitting down, and you can do light work standing. However, some people aren't fond of permanent standing desks as you cannot sit comfortably. You can order a high chair to go with it, but it can get tricky as it's pretty rare to find a high chair with good ergonomics.


Manual Crank Standing Desks

You can also opt for crank desks that can manually adjust to the desired elevation. This desk is ideal for individuals who don't have an accessible power outlet nearby. And if you're the type who is looking for furniture that doesn't have electrical components, then this might be good for you. Crank desks move up and down along with everything on your tabletop.

Crank desks let you work while sitting and standing at an economical price point. However, you might find the cranking process tiresome and slow. A user once commented that it results in him procrastinating as he dislikes the idea of switching heights when he's tired.


Tabletop Risers

Tabletop risers can also be an option if you are stuck to cubicles and cannot switch to a new desk. There are also manual and electric ones in the market.

The only downside of this type of desk is that they are bulky, clunky, and an eyesore. In addition, they take up significant surface space, and you're only limited to using your keyboard and mouse with the limited riser surface space.


Electric Motorised Standing Desk

Electric Motorised Height Adjustable Desks are the most popular nowadays as people look for ways to work smarter and healthier. You can change your desk's height with just a button press. It's obvious why most individuals opt for a motorised model as it is easier to use and requires less effort and time to work. All it takes is a button press to the desired height, and you can walk around and stretch when it's adjusting. They also have a fast adjustment speed that usually takes 10-15 seconds. 

You'll also enjoy a higher lifting capacity with electric desks so that you can load your desks with all your work must-haves. If you want height-adjustable desks, then electric motorised desks, preferably with dual motors, are your best choice. With so many desks in the market, we recommend looking for features like memory buttons, anti-collision, an excellent height range, and a significant load capacity.


Lazy Maisons Sit-Stand Desks

Lazy Maisons introduces you to an intelligent way to work with a wide range of adjustable standing desks. Quality is the top priority, and our desks are made to withstand years of regular use.


With Lazy Maisons' desks, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Sturdy Frame Design
  • Neutral Colour Choices on Tabletops
  • Programmable Height
  • Memory Features
  • 64-129 cm Height Range
  • Up to 140 kg Weight Capacity
  • Dual Motor Lifting System
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Fast Assembly Design
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Easy Returns