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Hurry! Offer ends on 15th July 2024.

Corner Standing Desk

Revamp your office with these space-saving and clutter-free corner standing desks! A corner standing desk can fit in small spaces while giving your workers enough space to put their equipment. A corner standing desk can fit multiple monitors, printers, office supplies, and many more. Our corner standing desk can lift up to 140 kg, so there are no worries that you will overload it.

Other than their space-saving ability, corner standing desks are height-adjustable. Our corner standing desk can extend up to 1.27 m tall. A height-adjustable desk is beneficial because corner standing desks encourage you to move while you work, easing back aches and stretching your muscles. Switching from sitting to standing helps correct your posture, keeping your body healthier in the long run.

Despite its sophisticated technology, the DIY corner standing desk is amateur-friendly. You can install it yourself without prior experience. To make it even more convenient, the corner standing desk is designed to conceal cables, giving you more space to put important equipment.

Like every Lazy Maisons product, these corner standing desks have dual motors with almost noiseless whir. Moving from sitting height to standing height will be smooth. You can even put drinks on the table and they won’t spill.

At Lazy Maisons, choose from three types of corner standing desks: L-shaped (90°), 120°, and 180°. Choose the table that suits you the most based on your space and preferences. These desk frames do not include the tabletop, but you can purchase table tops from any store and they will be compatible with these frames.
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