with EVERY Desk or Frame.

Standing desks are becoming popular as people are now shifting to healthier workplaces. That's why we see so many sit-stand desks and converters in the market, and it's starting to get confusing which table to pick.

At Lazy Maisons, we are committed to giving you the best experience possible and are committed to providing you with only premium desks made with quality materials.

Here are some reasons why Lazy Maisons' desks are worth it.

At Lazy Maisons, we strive to create a note-worthy experience for you with standing desks. That's why we are committed to providing you with the best.


Solid Frame Design

Quality should be your top priority. Good quality products give you the best value for money as items are made to last for use. At Lazy Maisons, we offer you a solid frame design and top-notch craftsmanship.

Our desks' extended base footing gives balance and stability, and their adjustable feet secure your desk in place even on uneven floors.


Neutral Coloured Tabletops

We offer neutral-coloured palettes that easily match your modern space. You can also choose if you want a white or black leg frame then you can select what colour your tabletop is. Whether you want a Walnut, White, or Oz Oak table top, that's entirely up to you. 

You'll also be using our desks worry and guilt-free as our tabletops are manufactured with eco-friendly materials. These edges also come with rounded corners for your or your kids' safety.

What's fantastic with Lazy Maisons is that you can also purchase the tops and frames separately if you choose different materials.


Adjustable Leg Frame 

The Lazy Maisons sit-stand desks are easy to control with their programmable height limit, four-memory, soft single-touch, and energy-efficient settings.

You can conveniently save your desired height with their memory setting to change the elevation with a press.



Lazy Maisons offers three table models, and you can enjoy up to 129 cm height for your desk. For example, Agile and Dual Desks have a height range of 71 to 115 cm, while the Trio Desks range from 64 to 129 cm.



Unlike most standing desks, our electric motorised desks have dual motors with the better weight capacity. As a result, you don't have to worry if you have a bulky working set-up, as our desks can handle as much as 140 kg of weight, depending on the model.


Dual Motor Lifting System

Also, with our dual motor lifting system, you can get smooth and fast adjustments at 36 mm/second.


Quiet Operation

Don't feel guilty disturbing anyone when adjusting desks as our line has low noise operation with its powerful motors.


Collision Avoidance System

If you opt for Dual or Trio desks, you'll also get an additional Collision Avoidance System feature. This setting automatically stops the desks from adjusting and reverses their direction if it collides with something during adjustments. This feature protects your desks from damage.

A Collision Avoidance System is available on our Dual and Trio sit-stand desks. This feature stops the desk from moving and slightly reverses its direction when it makes contact with something, making it safer for your standing desk and preventing further damage.


Fast Assembly Design

We heard you, and we know how difficult it is to assemble desks. At Lazy Maisons, we will assist you on every step as we design desks with simplified methods for fast and easy assembly. These methods include an easy slide-in, clip, and fasten system with the help of handy components and simple tools.

Also, if you're still having trouble installing your desk, you can easily reach us so we can provide your much-needed assistance. We've also uploaded a desk installation tutorial video on our official YouTube Channel. You can also view installation videos on your phone by scanning the QR code.


Fast Delivery

Get your hands on your desks ASAP. Most of our desks are dispatched to the courier within 2-4 days after full payment. We'll also update you on your shipment details on your registered email.

Delivery duration depends on location, but receiving the item usually takes 3-15 working days.


5-Year Warranty

Our company holds the Australian Consumer Law in high regard. You can get a replacement or refund if there's a manufacturer's defect or unacceptable quality on our products. Lazy Maisons also gives you a 5-Year warranty from the purchase date, but it doesn't cover if the user's misuse causes damages.

You can read more of this on our Warranty Policy.


Easy Returns

You are protected with a 14-day return policy after receiving your items. Products should be in the same condition as delivered, meaning they should be unused, in their packaging, and with tags intact. It's also vital to keep a receipt or other proof of purchase.

To request a return, contact our support team at customersupport@lazymaisons.com.au. We also encourage customers to file a request before shipping the items back.

Rest assured that at Lazy Maisons, we strive to give you the best support and quality you need to enjoy your desks without any problems.