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Nothing less than Dual Motors

Even our entry level model equipt with dual motors ensuring stability and durability for an enhanced standing desk experience.

Standing Desk

Standing desk with height-adjustment feature. 5-year warranty for all products. Has 4-memory position technology and smooth dual motors.
Agile Series


Entry Level | #2 Stage #80kg Capacity #69-113cm Range | 5 Year Warranty

The #1 Extensive Collection of Standing Desk Frames in Australla
Dual Series


Mid Range | #Anti-collision #2 Stage #120kg Capacity #69 -113cm Range #Commercial Grade | Optional 10 Year Warranty

Trio Series


Top Spec | #Anti-collision #3 Stage #140kg Capacity #62 -127cm Range #Commercial Grade | Optional 10 Year Warranty

Standing Desk

What Is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks, particularly the electronically adjustable models like Lazy Maisons' Sit Stand Desk, offer a dynamic solution to the health drawbacks of prolonged sitting. These desks enable users to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing positions with a simple button press, facilitating better posture, increased physical activity, and enhanced workplace ergonomics. With height adjustability ranging from 71 cm to 115 cm, they cater to individuals of various statures, promoting comfort and proper alignment in both seated and standing modes. 


The adoption of a sit-stand desk not only corrects posture but also invigorates the user by increasing blood circulation and muscle activity. This reduces lethargy, boosts engagement and productivity, and mitigates common discomforts like back pain. Furthermore, such desks are designed to accommodate a wide array of users, making them a versatile addition to any office or educational setting. 


Lazy Maisons’ standing desks are especially user-friendly, featuring four programmable height settings to customise and recall preferred configurations effortlessly. This convenience encourages regular use and assists in maintaining a dynamic, health-conscious work environment. By integrating these desks into daily routines, individuals and organisations can significantly enhance their well-being and work efficiency. 

Standing Desk

Standing Desk Best Practices

Standing desks can counteract the downsides of sitting too much, a common issue given our lengthy hours spent at desks. These ergonomic solutions keep us active, aiding posture and health over time. 

Lazy Maisons champions healthier workplaces with its green, straightforward, and cost-effective standing desks. They endorse dynamic working by enabling easy shifts between sitting and standing, boosting blood flow and muscle strength. Consider these strategies to fully leverage your standing desk's advantages. 

  1. Ergonomic Adjustment: Ensure your standing desk and monitor are at proper heights. Your arms should be parallel to the desk surface when typing, and the top of your monitor should align with your eye level to prevent neck strain. 

  2. Balanced Work Routine: Cultivate a mix of sitting and standing throughout your workday. Begin with shorter intervals of standing and gradually increase as your comfort level improves. Strive for a balance that keeps you moving without causing fatigue. 

  3. Supportive Accessories Matter: Incorporate wrist supports to minimise strain and consider standing on an anti-fatigue mat to ease leg and back discomfort. Ergonomic chairs are also crucial for periods of sitting, providing proper back support and alignment. 

  4. Personalised Settings: Utilise desks with adjustable features to easily switch between your preferred standing and sitting heights. Memory settings can streamline this process, making it effortless to change postures with minimal disruption. 

  5. Stay Active: Incorporate movement into your standing periods. Simple actions like shifting weight between feet or gentle stretching can significantly improve circulation and reduce discomfort. Keeping active, even in small ways, enhances the overall benefits of a standing desk. 

Adopting these practices will not only make your standing desk experience more comfortable but also contribute to longer-term health benefits. These adjustments and habits are essential for anyone looking to make the most out of their standing desk investment. 

Standing Desk

Choose Lazy Maisons: Smart, Swift, and Supported Standing Desks for a Healthier Workday 


Lazy Maisons desks are designed for ease of use, featuring electronic operation to adjust height without manual effort. 

The range includes various models to suit different needs, such as larger desks and L-shaped configurations for ample workspace, and back-to-back workstations for collaborative environments. 


Despite their advanced features, Lazy Maisons' standing desks are competitively priced, offering great value. 

Their desks adjust quickly and quietly from sitting to standing height, ensuring stability without disturbing your work or those around you. This is ideal for maintaining focus and productivity in office and educational settings. 

Equipped with modern technology like a 4-memory position system, smooth dual motors, and an anti-collision system, these desks are built for both safety and convenience. 


Lazy Maisons supports bulk orders with discounts, making it a viable option for offices and co-working spaces looking to make a collective switch to standing desks. 

A 5-year warranty underscores their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring support for any issues that arise during this period. 

By focusing on these three pillars, Lazy Maisons presents a compelling case for anyone looking to invest in a standing desk that blends ease of use, technological sophistication, and reliable customer support.