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Did you know that gamers spend approximately 16 hours a week gaming? If you're spending this many hours playing, you have to be very comfortable when you do. We recommend using a height-adjustable standing desk if you work, play, and spend time at a computer for hours to enjoy some benefits.

Enjoy Physical Health Benefits

Average individuals juggle between desk jobs, leisure, and commutes, and it's no surprise that we spend most of our days sitting. However, it's another different story for gamers as playing is their leisure time, making it extra hours of sitting compared to a person who's not into games.

For gamers, we recommend improving your lifestyle and doing more activity using adjustable desks. When used correctly, sit-stand desks reduce the risk of back pain, shed weight, and help improve your posture. In addition, you'll also have a more relaxing experience in gaming for hours as alternating between sitting and standing helps relieve muscle strain.

If you're concerned about your health but don't want to cut off playing time, try standing while playing.

Boost Energy and Mood

Hours of sitting make everyone feel sluggish and moody. On the other hand, gaming should bring you fun, excitement, and energy. Such emotions are optimised by standing, increasing your brain activity while improving your focus. It's also a healthy alternative to energy drinks and caffeine. 

Some gaming enthusiasts who tried gaming at standing desks exclaimed that they feel like legion commanders when they play standing up. They also experience an improvement in their battle strategies while doing so.

Healthy Time Tracking

Standing can be strenuous for hours compared to sitting, and your body experiences increased concentration and awareness. With your body losing calories while having more brain activity, you'll be able to track time better, reducing the unhealthy route of sitting for hours nonstop. In addition, by standing, your body lets you know when to take a break compared to when you're sitting.

Immersive Gaming

Sit-stand desks allow you to stretch, move, and alter positions. As a result, you can get involved and immersed in a game as much as you like. You can do a little victory dance, jump in excitement, or stretch to concentrate at a sit-stand desk.

More Space For Your Set Up

You can explore and try out different gaming setup ideas. For example, you may want to try having couches as seats or use a gaming laptop instead of a PC. Of course, you can also go overboard and buy consoles, accessories, and upgrades.

Adjustable desks provide an adjustable height range and wide tabletop space to cater to how you play.

Game with Lazy Maisons

Study, work, and play hard with Lazy Maisons. Get the most health benefits as you play for hours. You'll also enjoy immersive gaming as you improve your focus, time tracking, and concentration while standing up.

At Lazy Maisons, you'll get a 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind. We take pride in our excellent craftsmanship and are committed to giving you the best gaming experience as much as possible.