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Australia's Best Sit Standing Desk & Home Office Furniture Store

Everything you need for your home, office, gaming and kitchen setup.

Get quality and sleek-looking furniture for your modern-day Australian home. At Lazy Maisons, you’ll get beautifully finished, durable, and affordable furniture. Each item is designed to give you the convenience and comfort you need throughout the day. Be efficient and productive as Lazy Maisons gives you fresh and smart workspaces and gaming setup for your home.

Lazy Maisons offers a range of Sit Standing Desks with neutral colour choices to match your space’s palette. Chic, classy, and functional, these standing desks give you the space you need while encouraging healthy body positions. These come with multiple adjustable height options that let you work sitting or standing comfortably. If you’re into customized desk surfaces, Lazy Maisons also offers you Standing Desk Frames that smoothly work with your personalized tabletops. Plus, you can upgrade your regular workspace with Mobile Storage Solutions or our Trolley Carts for that extra movable organizer at Lazy Maisons. Lastly, check out our Handheld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners as they are the perfect tool for spot cleaning spills. Being a lightweight cleaning device, even your kid or an elderly person can easily use this type of vacuum cleaner for a quick on-the-spot vacuuming.

Whether you’re from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or any other cities in Australia, set up a dynamic work area with Lazy Maisons!

Best Selling

[PRESALE] Lazy Maisons Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk 80KG Dual Motor
  • From $373.00
[PRESALE] Lazy Maisons Heavy Duty Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk 120KG Dual Motor
  • From $460.00
FRAME ONLY Lazy Maisons Motorised Height Adjustable Heavy Duty Office Sit Stand Desk Frame Dual Motor Electric 120KG
  • $375.00

Sold out

Lazy Maisons Multi-Functional Foldable 3/4 Tier Mobile Storage Rack Cart Metal Frame
  • From $70.00

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Easy to set up Sit Standing Desk with clean instructions made for a very smooth experience.

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Freshen up your space with pieces of furniture that are both classy and functional. Lazy Maisons offers high-quality and contemporary home office furniture that is practical and easy to set up. These items perfectly fit any modern Australian home with neutral palette choices of white, black, stainless silver, and woody colours. Ergonomically designed with your needs in mind, enjoy hours of work with Lazy Maisons’ range of office furniture. Each item is durably crafted for years of use, giving you work items you can rely on even when regularly used. 

At Lazy Maisons, you can also keep clutter away and get a much-needed space inside your homes. Lazy Maisons offers a range of state-of-the-art storage solutions for your work and home items. These storage items give you a functional space, creating room for more creativity and clearer ideas than messy, unorganized areas.

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Find your perfect sit-standing position with the Lazy Maisons Standing Desk Australia

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