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We are already seeing the rising trend of standing desks in offices, work-from-home setups, and even gaming rigs. Studies and research have already proven significant health benefits of using a standing desk to users and increased productivity and now find its ways for kids.

Lazy Maisons list several ways a standing desk positively affects kids and their learning:


Benefits of Standing Desk in Kids Learning


Aids in Focus

If you’ve been around kids, you may have experienced their short attention span and constant need to be entertained. Plus, they tend to have extraordinary energy levels and are active during most hours of the day. Younger kids can’t keep still, and they’re known to stand and move during classes. Disruptive behavior such as fidgeting, restroom requests, and more are common. 

A standing desk can help alleviate these behaviours by encouraging them to stand while learning. Sit stand desks also prevent kids from zoning out, which they are inclined to do if they sit for long hours.

Improved Memory, Concentration, and Social Skills

Studies reveal that movement-friendly tables benefit children, especially those with learning challenges. Learning in a standing position allows kids to improve their memory, concentration, social interactions, and engagement.

Teaches Responsibility and Independence

When we give kids options like letting them choose if they want to sit or stand, we teach them about decision-making, taking responsibility, and a sense of independence.

Helps Prevent Obesity

Standing for a few minutes burns a significant amount of calories. A simple action can tackle the rising issue of child obesity in western countries. Parents and teachers should always encourage movement and physical activities at home or school. With a sit stand desk, children can burn calories even when simply reading, drawing, and studying in a standing position.


For these reasons, it becomes clear that adjustable desks can also benefit young learners. However, we should also note that selecting the wrong type of desk can do more harm than good, especially if it has poor ergonomics and is uncomfortable to use. To get an excellent learning experience, desks must be easy to adjust, durable, and has a spacious working surface area. Plus, having adjustable desks gives them a range of height options that work best with their posture and accommodate their height as they grow.

The Lazy Maisons Sit Standing Desk features smooth height adjustments as it can take four memory height positions. This technology lets you navigate their standing desk conveniently.

You don’t have to worry even when dealing with playful kids, as the Lazy Maisons Standing Desk has an 80 kg weight capacity with a well-supported base.