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Standing desks are desks that allow you to stand up while working or studying. Nowadays, many modern versions of this desk are available which are height adjustable. These adjustable sit-stand desks let you alternate sitting and standing with a single desk.

Sitting or standing too long harms your body. That’s why experts recommend resting or doing stretches in between work to help relieve muscles and stress. That’s where the need for adjustable desks comes in. 

Lazy Maisons lists some of the many benefits of opting for an adjustable standing desk.

woman uses lazy maisons standing desk for health benefits

Weight Regulation

Exercise is still the most effective way to burn calories. But if you have too much work on your hands, you might find it hard to fit workouts into your schedule. Choosing to stand instead of sitting burns a significant amount of calories. Research suggests that simply standing helps you burn 100 to 200 calories in an hour. Another study shows that sitting for most of your day links to obesity and metabolic disease.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels tend to increase after a heavy snack or a meal. When you’re working or studying hard, you tend to eat more. It is essential not to sit down right away after eating. However, you can carry on with your tasks even after eating with adjustable desks. This reduces the risk of increasing blood sugar levels and helps you quickly digest food.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

In 1953, some studies appeared that standing improves heart condition. Some published articles also show that people who work standing up have half the risk of heart diseases compared to their colleagues who work sitting down. 

Reduces Back Pain

You might be one of those who complain about having back pain after working all day. You might want to try working alternately sitting and standing as it is proven to reduce back pains as muscles tend to stretch more often.

Improves Mood and Energy

Standing uses up calories, and activities that consume calories positively affect the overall well-being. Standing desk users reported that they experience less stress and fatigue than when they were used to sitting all day. Studies also link depression and anxiety are more familiar to those who stay sedentary for long periods. In summary, standing for specific periods positively affects a person’s mental health.

Productivity Boost

With the improved mood, energy, and well-being brought by standing, users will also experience a productivity boost. Just like, how a standing desk positively benefits kids in their learning.

So what are you waiting for? Experience all the health benefits you can get as you replace your desk with an adjustable one. The Lazy Maisons 140kg Trio 150cm Height Adjustable Standing Desk comes with a wide surface area to accommodate your work, gaming, or study setup. It has four memory heights position, so you can easily adjust its height according to your comfort level.

Lazy Maisons recommends splitting your time 50-50 between sitting and standing. Start a healthy lifestyle.

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