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Hurry! Offer ends on 15th July 2024.

If you're new to standing desks, you might be confused about which type of sit stand desk you should try. To help you with this, we at Lazy Maisons listed seven things you should consider when selecting a desk.

Woman is using her lazy maisons sit stand desk for her home office setup



Before buying any furniture, you must take note of your room's exact available space measurements. Sit stand desks can be a bit taller and broader compared to regular tables. What's cool about standing desks is their versatility in height which non-adjustable ones do not have. This versatility gives you more choices on the type of chair and working paraphernalia you can use.

Weight Capacity

Always check your desk's weight capacity so you can manage the load on your table. The rule of thumb is that desks with higher weight capacity tend to be more durable than those with lower ones. This step is critical with motorised adjustable desks so you can consider how much weight the motor can carry.


There are two kinds of standing desks: adjustable and fixed ones. Fixed desks are pretty challenging, especially if the standard height isn't comfortable for you. You may experience hunching or straining while working and need to find a suitable high chair. With adjustable ones, you won't be encountering these problems as you can easily modify the desk height to which you are most comfortable. Plus, adjustable ones make it easy to use for every adult and kid.

Adjustment Mechanism

Adjustable standing desks have different mechanisms such as electric, crank, or pneumatic. Electric and pneumatic ones are usually available in the market as they are more saleable and convenient than cranked ones. Only a few opt for desks with crank adjustments as they take a significant amount of time and energy to adjust your desk to its desired height.

Adjustment Speed

You should consider speed, especially if you have a busy schedule. Nobody likes spending too much time altering desk heights, and faster adjustments equate to better productivity.

Quality and Warranty

Adjustable desks don't come cheap, and they're an investment. Choosing desks from reputable brands with quality materials and construction is crucial, such as Lazy Maisons. Desks potentially take more damage as this is one of the most commonly used furniture, and children and pets can even use them for their playtime. 

Go for a table with a robust base and warranty covering even moving parts. Warranties bring you extra peace of mind as it gives you a guarantee that you have coverage in case damages occur.


Quality and features won't come cheap. Adjustable ones cost more than regular desks, but they're cost-effective with all their benefits. Sit Stand Desks bring many health benefits and contribute to your overall physical and mental well-being. Having innovative furniture also tends to make you more creative and productive, leading to creating exceptional outputs.

At Lazy Maisons, we are proud to offer you the Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with an 80kg weight capacity. It has a wide surface area of 120 cm or 150 cm to accommodate your stuff. The dual motors make adjustments easy and fast.

You don't have to worry as the desks come in multiple sizes and colours, so you can select the look that complements your home and office. If you're feeling creative and experimental, you can also opt for the Lazy Maisons Standing Desks Frames so you can create the desk of your dreams with the material of your choice. This option is also more practical as you can use recycled materials. Not only that. You can enjoy the extra peace of mind as Lazy Maisons cover you with a 5-year warranty covering even on moving parts.