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Congratulations on owning an adjustable standing desk! You might have been convinced to finally replace your regular study desk with a sit-stand one like the Lazy Maisons motorised desk. To fully maximise all the perks and health benefits of this purchase, you’ll have to position yourself correctly.

Below are some tips on standing when using the desk in upright mode.

Level your desk at your elbow’s height

Levelling your desk to a certain height isn’t a problem if you own a motorised and adjustable table. This case will be more difficult if you have a fixed desk as you need to customise it according to your height.

We recommend using your usual work footwear and standing in front of the desk. Keep your posture straight, then bend your elbows at 90 degrees with your wrist. After this, you can navigate your table to an elevation wherein your forearms are parallel with the surface. You will know that this is the correct height if your arms are comfortable and your hands comfortably float to your keyboard with a relaxed wrist.

With Lazy Maisons, you can store this customised height as it has a memory setting, so you can quickly shift standing and sitting positions with just a few clicks.

Take note of your posture

When working, keep your best posture as much as possible. Have a straight back, your neck tall, and shoulders comfortable at ease. For knees, it should be slightly bent and not be in a stiff position with locked joints. Doing these little things helps prevent common back pains and joint aches. This position also balances your spine.

Wrists Should be Straight and 180 Degrees Parallel

Mind your wrists while working; they should be straight in line with the desk. Your fingers can loosely hand down as you are typing, but ensure that your wrists aren’t lifted downward or upward for too long. If you do, you will increase the risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common for those who work with computers for too long. This condition causes tingling, numbness, and pain.

Choosing desks customised to your height would be best to position your body correctly. The Lazy Maisons standing desks are handy as you can easily adjust the desk height to your desired elevation to work and perform comfortably.

Happy guy is properly standing while he uses his standing desk