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Standing desks are more expensive than regular ones, but they're worth the extra price. Maximise and get the most of your Lazy Maisons Motorised Sit Stand Desk as we bring you tips and basics on how to best use it.

Alternate Positions Frequently

Standing desks were first crafted to eliminate sedentary habits while working. Sit-stand desks allow you to work or study sitting or standing. By simply getting up and adjusting your desk, you're already burning more calories than staying in a particular position alone.

Lazy Maisons suggests switching positions for around 30 minutes. You can set alarms or timers or divide and schedule tasks accordingly. You can work standing up when taking calls, replying to emails, attending meetings, or reading. Then if work is more strenuous and stressful, you can do it while sitting down.

Watch Your Posture

Maximise and enjoy long-term results from sit-stand tables when you mind your posture—maintaining good posture when working prevents back pain. The Lazy Maisons Electric Standing Desk has a dual motor lifting system that allows you to elevate your desk to the desired height, which will help you maintain the correct body alignment.

It's easier to monitor your posture when standing than sitting when we get comfy in our seats. That's why it's healthier to stand. With this position, keep your body upright and your hips tucked under. Remember to keep your back straight with your knees close to a 90-agree angle when you're taking a seat.

Try Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing puts pressure on your lower body. Cushioned mats make standing less straining and comfortable. You can try a soft rug if you're still unsure about this. If it works for you, you can upgrade to anti-fatigue mats designed for those who stand for long hours.

To make things fun and exciting, you can try listening to upbeat music which inspires you to move and even dance.

Stand After Eating

Keep it strategically healthy by standing after your lunch or snack period. This process helps digestion and lets you stay awake as we tend to get sleepy after meals. Not only are you losing extra calories, but you'll also be more energetic and focused. You can minimise that dreaded tired and sleepy feeling when you're full as you stand.

Step Away From Your Desk

Don't rely on sit-stand desks entirely. If your goal is to move and burn as many calories as possible, we recommend taking quick walk breaks whenever you shift from sitting to standing. You can also make minor changes in your habits, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Learn More About Desk Ergonomics

There is much to learn about setting up an excellent work or study desk. You can also research how to position your computer and gadgets to minimise shoulder and wrist stress. Arranging your keyboard, mouse, and monitor in suitable spaces makes you work better in the long run. For example, studies show that monitors should be slightly below eye level.

Avoiding back pain and body strains results in better focus, creativity, and productivity. That's why being mindful of your desk, chair, and computer set-up dramatically helps achieve your health and work goals.


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