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Discover endless design possibilities as you build your adjustable desk from scratch with a standing desk frame. If you’re into one-of-a-kind desks that aren’t available in the market, perhaps you should try building one. Lazy Maisons provides both freedom and function as you tackle standing desk frames, allowing you to pair it with the tabletop material of your choice.

To make it easier, we have listed some materials that make an excellent pair to your Lazy Maisons Motorised Sit Stand Desk Frame.


Hardwood materials are pricey and heavy, making them one of the sturdiest wood options for you. If you want a timeless and luxurious feel to your work desk, you can opt for this material as this has the most beautiful grain and texture. That’s why hardwood is usually used in fine furniture. Common examples of hardwood in the market include maple, mahogany, oak, and walnut.

Since it is heavier than most woods, you’ll have to take note of your standing desk frame’s weight capacity. The Lazy Maisons Motorised Desk Frame accommodates up to 120kg of weight, so you can still opt for heavier materials for your frame.

Solid Wood

If you’re searching for a sturdy, top-of-the-line surface for your desk frame that’s less expensive than hardwood, you might want to check out a solid wood surface. It’s heavier, sturdier, and costs more than laminated wood. This type tends to get shabby with time, but this can be quickly restored and renovated.

Laminated Wood

Laminated wood is cost-effective and readily available material in the market. It’s durable and crafted to be moist-resistant.

Melamine Particle Board

This material is still a particle board but infused with melamine on the outside layers making it highly durable, waterproof, scratch and stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Having melamine makes it more durable than ordinary particle boards on the market.

Made with an environmentally friendly melamine particle board, the Lazy Maisons Standing Desk Tabletop is one of the best pairs for your Lazy Maisons adjustable desk frame. Its rounded corners make it safe, and its natural grain pattern complements well with any modern home. 

You can skip the hassle of measuring and drilling necessary holes as it comes with pre-drilled holes for fast assembly. It comes in two sizes, 120 cm and 150 cm, and three colours, Walnut, White, and Oz Oak.

Other Materials

You can still experiment with other materials of your choice. Just make sure that your standing desk can support the weight capacity.

With the 120-kg weight capacity from the Lazy Maisons Desk Frame, you’ll enjoy more options for the tabletop.