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The previous article described the proper standing position when using standing desks. We at Lazy Maisons are stressing the need to maintain appropriate positions to maximise your desk. We recommend alternating sitting and standing evenly and not staying in a passive stance for too long.

We have also listed tips on how to position yourself properly when sitting.

Level Your Chair Accordingly

Having the right chair to pair with your sit-stand desk is no easy task. It will help if you have the chair at the right height to complement your table, considering your seat’s cushioning and more.

To correctly identify the seat’s correct height, your seating cushion must be parallel or in line with your knees, having a fist-sized space between the knee’s back and the chair’s front edge. Your feet must be cosily flat on the floor with knees bent at 90 degrees.

We recommend pairing a sit-stand desk with an adjustable ergonomic chair. If not, buying or removing cushions can also do the trick. Having the Lazy Maisons Motorised Desks would also be more convenient as you can adjust the elevation according to your comfort. You can also store a particular height with its memory setting, so shifting from standing to sitting takes little time with a button press.

Position Your Upper Body

Your elbows must bend at a 90-degree angle with arms hanging comfortably near the torso. If your chair has armrests, they should barely be in contact with elbows while working. Like in the standing position, hands should freely float over the keyboard with loose wrists. You may need to lower or raise your table until the surface touches your forearms’ button. This positioning prevents arms and wrists from experiencing injury or strain.

Observe Correct Posture

Keeping your back straight when working prevents back pain. We recommend sitting upright with the back being supported by the chair’s backrest. These backrests can either be curved or padded to accommodate your back cosily. 

Back pains are due to the increased pressure on discs and vertebrae paired with sedentary habits. Maintaining proper posture and using sit-stand desks, such as Lazy Maisons’ Electric Desk, helps avoid body pain and decreases sedentary habits.

Our bodies need exercise and movement. Most of the time, we spend hours sitting while working. You can be mindful of your health with a simple standing desk, which encourages you to shift from sitting to standing continually. You can do light tasks such as encoding, answering emails, or taking calls when standing. If your work becomes difficult and stressful, it is the best time to sit down and work.

correct sitting posture for sit standing desks