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Working or studying in a comfortable and suitable atmosphere gets quality output done. That’s why attention to detail in your area and creating an appropriate environment are essential.

At Lazy Maisons, we will help you explore how to build an ideal working environment that makes you more focused, productive, and creative.

Invest in good lighting.

Find out what light setup works for you. Though most people prefer being under a decent amount of light, such as daylight, some prefer working in the dark. Being under the lighting where you feel most energetic makes you more productive. We encourage you to experiment and choose the best lamp for your preference.

Try to work by a window.

Working by the window can be relaxing as it lets you breathe fresh air or enjoy a different view. If you cannot move your desk to try this one, you can take little walk breaks to enjoy the scenery outside and breathe fresh air if possible.

Manage your clutter

Create an organisational system to manage and reduce clutter. If you have loads of paperwork, you can place files in neatly labelled folders or store them in an accessible location. The Lazy Maisons Multi-Functional Foldable 3 Tier Mobile Storage Rack Cart Metal Frame is an excellent storage solution. This mobile rack enables you to place your files nearby or wheel them away from your workplace when you don’t need them anymore.

We recommend putting complete labels and segregating them appropriately in folders for digital files. Decluttering your desk and work area with unnecessary items makes you more focused and productive.

Add greens

Green tones such as natural or artificial plants provide a relaxing and calming ambience. You can also try to add flowers to brighten and freshen your area. 

Insert Personality Into Your Space

Create an area that makes you add items that spark joy and inspiration. These include your favourite photos, art, trinkets, souvenirs, and other decorations that mean something to you. Just be careful that you don’t clutter your desk and only choose a few items.

Observe Your Posture When Working

Proper posture decreases the chances of getting back pain. Other ways to maintain correct posture include using a fitness ball or an adjustable standing desk like the Lazy Maisons Adjustable Sit Stand Desk. These items help your brain stay focused, active, and productive.

Avoid distractions

If given a choice, choose to work in an area with less noise and distraction. You can also try a noise-cancelling headset to drown out distracting sounds. If you have difficulty focusing, you can also put your phone away and close non-work-related tabs.

Take breaks

Sometimes, we tend to go a full-on hustle mode to complete tasks. However, researchers believe that rests are also essential as it allows your brain to recharge, making it perform better once you resume working. We encourage doing stretches and breathing meditation when working to minimise stress.

Stay hydrated

Keep bottled water nearby and a few snacks. Liquids and a bit of sugar can give you an energy boost that helps in your productivity. The Lazy Maisons Multi-Functional Foldable 3 Tier Mobile Storage Rack Cart Metal Frame makes an excellent mobile snack bar wherein you can wheel in delicious bites and drinks in your area when you’re hungry.

Create A To-Do-List

Track your schedule and keep up with your tasks with a simple to-do list. You can start the day by listing assignments and creating a doable timetable for them. This step is practical as it lets you prepare for your tasks mentally. Simply crossing an item out of the list makes you feel productive and accomplished.

Work smart with Lazy Maisons as we offer you Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks designed to create a healthier work lifestyle. Experience the difference with just a simple desk upgrade.