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Back pain is nothing new if you have a desk job. Yet we have no choice but to slump at our desks and work for hours while sitting down. Nowadays, sit stand desks are gaining popularity as a standing option that provides a healthier lifestyle for employees.

Ergonomics is associated with work and office equipment and what designers and manufacturers consider when creating products to align with how the human body functions.

While standing is proven beneficial, we don't recommend doing it for most work hours. Some easy activities include taking calls, attending meetings, and doing quick email updates. Some tasks are strenuous and are easier to accomplish sitting down, such as handwriting, researching, designing, etc. 

If you own a standing desk like the Lazy Maisons Motorised Sit Stand Desk, you can establish a schedule on when to sit and stand. We suggest trying 15-30 minute standing intervals and finding the best balance for you.

We have listed some health benefits that you'll get when you stand at work or study.

Burn Calories and Fat

Standing burns more calories and fat compared to sitting. When you are standing, you're more likely to subconsciously be mindful of your health and may even think of doing movements such as stretches and squats. This subtle change in your daily routine eventually creates more physical activity than before.

Boost Mood, Focus, and Energy

Research worldwide acknowledges that workers are more proactive and energised by standing for an hour in their workday. There has been a noticeable demand for standing desks to increase work performance. When you're doing movement and stretches when you're working, you're more likely to stay awake, engaged, focused, and creative.

If you don't currently own a standing desk and feel sluggish, you can try walking around, stretching, or standing for a few minutes to experience the difference.

Reduce Back Pain and Improve Posture

Having a sit-stand desk complemented with proper desk ergonomics improves posture. We recommend positioning your monitor at eye level, around 50 centimetres from your face, with a 20-degree tilt. 

You're also less likely to slump on your table when you stand, which helps your body establish proper posture. Also, standing doesn't apply pressure and compression to your spine. This constant compression when sitting creates stress on your back and leads to neck, shoulder, and back aches.

Prevents Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrists Strain

Wrist strain and pain are nothing new if you spend most of your day typing. Some individuals experience carpal tunnel syndrome, where they experience discomfort because of a pinched nerve. You're less likely to strain your wrist when standing.

Improve Blood Circulation

Humans are designed to move. Even when we're just standing, we improve our muscles, core health, and balance while we stand and also improve blood circulation. Studies also reveal that people who sit most of their lives have a shorter life expectancy because of poor cardiovascular health.

Experience these incredible wellness benefits with a sit stand desk from Lazy Maisons. Try upgrading your desk to an adjustable one and see the difference it makes.