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The new year is coming and about, and for most individuals, it signifies a fresh start. We usually start the year right by planning to be better. During this time, most are now into goal-setting and making resolutions such as losing weight, having a healthier diet, or being committed to workouts.

We have listed simple resolutions that are easy to keep. The items on this New Year list are simple and manageable, so you can avoid falling out and breaking the cycle of good habits.

Avoid spending too much time sitting.

We are all guilty of sitting too much. It might be because we work for hours at desks. However, in this modern world, we sit more than we should, causing us to be sedentary for too long. This behaviour has negative health benefits and also increases the risk of mortality.

It would be best if you sit less as much as possible. If you have a desk job, we recommend taking a 15-minute walk on breaks and stretching every hour. You can also improve your routine by upgrading your desk to height-adjustable ones from Lazy Maisons. These sit-stand desks allow you to work while standing, giving you more room to stand, stretch, and walk around and reducing your sitting time.

Avoid sweetened beverages.

If you aim to be healthier, you can start by lessening or avoiding your consumption of sweetened beverages. Doing this is a brilliant decision in the long run, as these drinks increase the risk of obesity, fatty liver, heart disease, insulin resistance, and more.

We understand that quitting these drinks is extremely difficult. That’s why we recommend gradually minimising intake to start a good habit.

Get quality sleep.

Sleep is a vital part of our lives and affects our overall health. Always strive to have complete hours of sleep as the lack of it increases the risk of weight gain, heart disease, depression, and other illnesses.

We have different reasons why we can’t get enough sleep, so you should be mindful of your routines to determine what you can change.

We recommend managing your time wisely so you have enough hours to sleep. We also suggest minimising screen time when you go to bed, reducing light pollution in your room, and investing in a high-quality mattress that fits how you sleep to improve sleep hygiene.

Get Physical.

Gyms are packed at the start of the year, as most people are motivated to start the year right. Unfortunately, while some stay strong, most won’t make it into a lasting habit.

We recommend selecting routines you enjoy, such as a 30-minute walk, jog, bike ride, or swim at a gym.

You can also try hiking and camping with friends to shed excess calories while spending time with the ones you love. In addition, you can check out Lazy Maisons’ range of camping items, such as camping moon chairs, foldable picnic baskets, foldable carts, portable tables, and canopy, to complete your experience.

Spend more time outside.

Sometimes, we want to chill and relax at home after a hard day of work. However, it’s equally critical to go outside regularly as it is proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and elevate your mood. Furthermore, it’s relatively easy to take time to go outside, making it a sustainable, healthy, and doable goal.

You can take quick walks, camping, hiking, or enjoy a picnic with your family in your local park.

Be present.

Stop being stuck in the past or worrying about your future. Research shows that being more present in your “now” improves life satisfaction and decreases negative thoughts, gradually improving mental health.

We encourage you to be more mindful, grateful, and content in your everyday life. You can also work on this by spending less time on gadgets, noticing your surroundings, and listening intently to what others say.

At work, you can improve your focus on current tasks when you work standing up and improve your posture while you’re at it.