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Never underestimate your body's posture. It is more than looking good and standing up straight. In reality, posture affects long-term well-being, so you should constantly observe proper posture to prevent pain, injuries, and health problems.

The key to having good posture is to observe your spine. The human spine already has natural curves located in the neck, mid-back, and low back, and we should position ourselves to maintain these curves and not increase them.

How Posture Affects Health

Poor posture has adverse health effects in the long run. For example, when you slump or slouch, you increase the risk of misaligning your musculoskeletal system. You'll also make your spine more fragile and prone to injury. In addition, you're also likely to feel pain in the back, shoulders, and neck.

Poor posture also affects joint movement, balance, and breathing in the future.

How To Improve Posture

At Lazy Maisons, we have listed simple, easy-to-follow ways to improve your posture.


Observing your posture as you go through your day-to-day activities would be best. Whether walking, working, watching shows, sitting, or washing dishes, you should be mindful and avoid slouching.

Explore Workouts

Several exercises improve postures, such as tai chi, yoga, pilates, and more. We also recommend checking out workouts that strengthen core muscles.

Check Your Weight

Excess weight can also factor in your posture as it weakens your abdominal muscles, contributing to body pain. It's also hard to maintain an upright posture when you're heavy.

Choose Comfort

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes if your workplace doesn't require specific types of shoes. Walking in uncomfortable shoes such as high heels can throw off your balance and strain your muscles, harming your posture.

Work on Desks With A Comfortable Height

When selecting furniture such as tables and desks, you must ensure that you're not slouching or slumping over when using them. Whether you're in front of your computer, enjoying a meal, or taking notes, your body should be relaxed and comfortable.

Lazy Maisons Pro Tip:

You can also improve your posture when using a height-adjustable desk such as the ones from Lazy Maisons for the following reasons concerning the tips above.

  • Standing allows you to be more focused and mindful of your body.
  • These sit-stand desks allow you to be more active as you can opt to stand and stretch while working.
  • Standing for several minutes is also proven to burn extra calories compared to sitting.
  • It allows you to work or study at a comfortable height since you can adjust your desk's elevation with a button press. You can now maintain proper posture when sitting or standing.

What are you waiting for? Let's start creating healthy habits to improve our posture, and you can even do so with a simple desk upgrade.