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So here might be one of the reasons why you're selecting a table top for your standing desk frame.

  • You want to own a standing desk but only have a limited budget.
  • You don't like the ones in the market.
  • You have an available material in your home that you want to recycle.
  • You like to experiment and create a customised desk.

At Lazy Maisons, we will guide you in selecting the suitable table top for your Lazy Maisons Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Frame.


Always check the dimensions of your motorised frame. If your available material is more expansive than usual, you might want to give it a clean cut. The manufacturer usually provides the measurements for the ones in the market; if not, you can use a measuring tape. You have to determine the length and width of your frame and note those dimensions.

When choosing or cutting a table top, we recommend having surfaces 3-50 centimetres greater than the length and width of the frame. This allowance provides an extra area to prevent issues and adequately install your material. It would help if you also considered the thickness of your tabletop. For reference, the average thickness on which most desk frames allow is around two centimetres.

Floor Space and Room Area

Measuring the available floor space is essential in choosing your table surface. This process gives you the exact measurements for your desk to fit in. Other than that, when selecting the material for your table top, it must blend with your room's furniture and colour palette adding the texture into consideration. Do you want your desk to stand out, or do you want it to be subtle? Do you want it to be the focal point of the room? Or do you want to add a little bit of your personality to the table? Take note of your room's look and visualise how you'll fit your standing desk.


If you have a working budget or want to test your DIY skills, you might consider building your desk. We recommend doing a little research first to check the material you can use. Ensure you have the tools and supplies to assemble your unique tabletop to the desk frame.

There are many wood types you can work with, but you have to be sure you can handle those well. Reading blogs, checking out videos, and asking friends who built their desks narrows down your selection and saves effort and time as you are prepared to encounter common building issues.

Pre-Assembled Table Tops

Standing desks are becoming popular nowadays, and you can encounter several varieties and pre-assembled table top options. If you want to skip the stress and hassle of customising your table top, you can also check the pre-assembled ones on the market.

If you've run out of ideas and concepts, you can still safely get the Lazy Maisons Standing Desk Tabletop as your backup plan for your Lazy Maisons desk frame in case the build didn't go as planned. This way, you can still utilise your desk frame if what you're constructing isn't successful.

The Lazy Maisons Standing Desk Table Top comes in two sizes (120 cm and 150 cm) and three colours (white, walnut, and oz oak). This surface has rounded corners for extra safety and a melamine particle board construction, making it durable, waterproof, scratch-free, and easy to clean.

In the end, whatever table top you use, you must always make sure to invest in a quality standing desk frame. The Lazy Maisons Motorised Height Adjustable Frame comes with a dual electric motor and 120 kg weight capacity, so you ensure that your desk stays functional even if the material you choose is heavy.