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Your surroundings affect how you work. For example, you tend to get stressed working on a cluttered, uncomfortable desk compared to a tidy one. So you need to optimise and create an area that maximises your creativity and productivity.

Productivity and creativity are the heart and soul of a business. Because of this, you can be strategic in your office or desk set-up if you want to improve these two. It's not just about your location or layout. You could also work on your furniture layout, movement flow, and overall vibe.

At Lazy Maisons, we provide tips for a fantastic workspace that invites productivity and creativity.

Create a conducive atmosphere

While your physical layout and location are essential to your work, you could also create an avenue generating excitement and energy for collaboration. 

Your primary focus must be not on how techy or modern your office is but on how to boost morale. You can add more physical movement and other activities to your space. For example, you can propose to create shared spaces if there are none and have flexible workspaces or hours to promote community.

There is no perfect office layout. However, if your or your coworker's needs are prioritised, that's nearly the same as perfection.

Give room to move

One of the ways to be better at work is to acknowledge that you've hit a productivity wall and to take a much-needed break or a breath of fresh air. This break can help you gain a new perspective and ideas. Though you might think you're more productive if you stay and slump at your desk for hours, you'll have to remember that breaks are essential, too.

We recommend utilising sit standing desks that encourage changing positions and movement. In this manner, you can be more active. The Lazy Maisons Height Adjustable Standing Desk allows you to sit or stand as you work, improving energy and focus while avoiding possible muscle strain. You'll also burn fat while standing and stretching.

You could also tweak your office layout by placing copy machines, water dispensers, phones, and other items on opposite sides of the room. This action encourages you and your coworkers to stand and move.

Add plants

Plants are great for social media photos, but they're more than that. They add a lot more benefits to spaces. For example, it makes the area feel alive while filtering out carbon dioxide in the air. They are also said to reduce stress.

Create a space for your gadgets

Smart gadgets can make or break you. These devices can help you stay on track and be more efficient, but they can also be a big distraction. The best way to save yourself from distraction is to find your gadgets a home when you're not using them for work.

Screens take a lot of our attention in both good and bad ways. So, we recommend placing them in a dedicated place where you won't notice a stream of unimportant notifications. Finding a good spot far from where you work is a good start.

Keep your space clutter-free

Though most people can't work correctly in a chaotic environment, some rare ones can perform in the middle of their creative mess.

But if you're like most, we recommend tidying up your space before working. Throw out unnecessary items to eliminate distractions.

You can also prepare a to-do list after doing so.

Add items that inspire you

Your workspace doesn't have to be boring. We recommend adding a bit of personality to your space so you can emotionally connect to your area. A few personal touches will do.

Try to limit yourself to one or two items that inspire you to be successful. For example, you can have a framed photo of your loved ones or a sentimental object that sparks joy to help you get through the day.