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Learning never stops when it comes to using a standing desk. We're all accustomed to using ordinary ones, but you can do many things with an adjustable one. 

At Lazy Maisons, we list additional easy-to-follow tips on using your desk best. These tips may range from how to use your desk's features, how to arrange your work set-up, how to evaluate your body's condition, and what additional items to get to experience more health benefits.

  • Maximise your desk's memory setting. A memory setting is one of the best features of a standing desk as you can switch positions easily. This function lets you quickly return to your comfortable sitting position in seconds.
  • Familiarise your routine and incorporate it into your desk's memory setting.
  • Release tension by rolling out your feet with a lacrosse ball. Lacrosse balls release built-up tension and stress while strengthening your arches.
  • Observe proper cable management. You'll have to manage and arrange your cables in a way that doesn't get in the way during adjustments. Avoid putting a strain on your wires, and it's crucial not to overstretch them.
  • Minding your cables and wires prevents costly damages that can distract you from working. Spend time ironing out your cable management needs.
  • Standing for extended periods isn't for everyone, especially if you have an injury. Before maximising your sit-stand desk, you must mind your health and work on your injuries.
  • Working and standing might not even be a good idea if you recently had an injury. You must consult it first with a physiotherapist so you will know how you should move.

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