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Upgrading to a sit-stand desk is a non-stop learning process from the ordinary desk. There are so many ways and tips on how to maximise using it.

At Lazy Maisons, we list other tips on using one like a pro to get the most benefits. These tips range from how to position yourself, how to move, and what additional items you could get to compliment your standing desk.

  • Observe if you’re leaning towards your desk. Everybody’s prone to this at some point, as leaning is weirdly comfortable. Make a conscious effort to avoid this and create a natural healthy pose for your body.
  • Adjust your chair’s height. Also, note the proper sitting position with the seat’s cushion parallel to your knees and bent at a 90-degree angle. A good sitting posture makes you work longer and helps avoid back pain.
  • We recommend standing for around 30-45 minutes for every working hour. This interval increases productivity and is also healthy.
  • Track your step count. The beauty of standing desks is that you can also do little walks while working around your desk. If you aim to achieve 10,000 steps per day, a standing desk can also help with this.
  • You can even go big on being active by using a portable treadmill while working.
  • Don’t forget to take a break. Don’t overexert yourself just because you bought an excellent desk. You can take short walking sessions and stretches from time to time.
  • If you find yourself feeling stiff and you can’t take a pause from your work, fidget. Don’t waste your work momentum and productivity and spontaneously fidget.
  • You can also adjust your monitor’s height. Stop forcing yourself to tilt forward or backwards in whatever position, and change your monitor at an angle that works best for you when sitting and standing. This neutral position makes it more comfortable for your neck and shoulder.
  • Always ensure your monitor is at eye level and not too close to your face. You can also get an external monitor if you find your screen troublesome.
  • Prevent wrist strain by adjusting your mouse and keyboard. A comfortable position is essential, primarily if you work long hours.
  • Wrists should be slightly tilted upwards when you’re standing compared to sitting.
  • You can get a pad to raise your keyboard to a comfortable level, or you can also get an extra keyboard or mouse, which is easier to use.

Get the most out of your Lazy Maisons Sit Stand Desks. You’ll feel the changes as you learn to sit, stand, and move properly. There’s no harm in trying out some of these; always remember that persistence and consistency are key.