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Upgrading to an adjustable desk can be a bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time using one. You might have been convinced by the studies showing many health benefits of using one.

At Lazy Maisons, we’re here for you every step of the way. We’ve listed quick, easy, and summarised tips on how to use a desk like a pro.

  • Create a schedule for when you sit and stand. It would be best if you created standing and sitting intervals to prevent pain since you may not be used to working while standing.
  • To create intervals, the trick is to go longer and longer over time. It’s normal to start slowly with only a few minutes for each break, but you’ll find yourself working your way up until you can reach the 30-minute changing mark.
  • Move when you work. You don’t have to be still like a statue when standing, as being static never does any good for your body. You can stretch, walk, or even dance a little when working.
  • Practice standing properly. Observe your posture and keep your back and neck straight. This position might be uncomfortable initially, but you’ll eventually get used to it.
  • Place an anti-fatigue or a flow board underneath your feet. Soft surfaces relieve pressure on your feet and help circulate blood on your legs.
  • You can also opt to change into more comfortable shoes when working.
  • Avoid hunching and slouching your back and shoulders. We can’t avoid unhealthy posture when working in front of the computer, but you can remind yourself to do so.
  • Write notes to remind you to check on your posture. The key is to be consistent and persistent, even with minor details.
  • Set your ergonomic workspace. Desks are adjustable because they can be adjusted to what suits your body position the most. We recommend changing the desk to an elevation in which the monitor is right at the height of your eyes.
  • You can also adjust your desk so that your keyboard is right at your chest height so your hands and arms can comfortably work.
  • Consider arm support. You can try providing support beneath your wrist or use chairs with a good armrest.


Invest in a quality desk like the Lazy Maisons Dual Motor desk and get the most out of what you paid for when you use it like a pro.