with EVERY Desk or Frame.

We all know the saying that prevention is way better than cure. This phrase is accurate in most cases, especially when dealing with furniture.

Keep your adjustable standing desk in its immaculate condition and avoid unsightly damage with our easy-to-follow tips.

Use Coasters and Place Mats.

It is vital to keep a drink nearby to keep you hydrated as you work. When having a cold or hot beverage, we recommend using a coaster. Placemats are also necessary, especially when you consume hot meals or cold desserts on your desk. Hot and cold temperatures can compromise the sealants and colouring and may produce small air pockets on your desktop.

Keep Your Standing Desks Dry.

Coasters avoid liquids from creeping through your table. If you have accidental spills while working, we encourage wiping them off immediately to prevent further staining and damage on your desktop or your standing desk's motor.

Dry Leaks and Spills Properly.

There is a proper way to deal with spills on your desk. You must avoid rubbing the water into your table as it may seep through the surface. Instead, you can use paper towels, sponges, or absorbent rags to eliminate puddles.

Mind Your Drinks and Other Liquids.

Beverages and ink stains are common desk damagers. We recommend checking your pens for ink leaks and removing drinks and food when adjusting your sit-stand desk's height.

Use a Mouse Pad.

While working without a mouse pad is still possible, we recommend using one for the sake of your table. Besides making work smoother, mouse pads favour your tabletop by preventing scratches and discolouration.

Mind Where Your Write.

Pens are pointy items that can damage your desk. Avoid using a piece of paper directly on your desk and applying too much pressure when writing. This scenario can cause ink transfers, dents, and unsightly scratches. You can opt to use a clipboard or add extra papers under what you're writing to help protect your desk's surface.

Avoid Sitting on Your Desk.

You might want to argue that a Lazy Maisons desk has a whopping weight capacity of 120KG, but it is still best to avoid sitting on it. Having too much weight on your desk affects your motor's lifespan. Using your desk properly helps you avoid unforeseen damages and accidents.

Avoid Abusing Your Desk's Weight Capacity.

Monitor the total weight that your desk carries. Letting the motor handle more load than necessarily makes it more vulnerable to electrical problems. Height adjustments take longer, too.

You can keep your Lazy Maisons Standing Desk working for decades with extra care and attention. Our motorised standing desk comes with a durable construction that withstands wear and tear, with years of warranty for extra peace of mind.

Enjoy desks made to last even with years of use at Lazy Maisons.