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Moving into a new home and shopping for furniture is pretty exciting. Even a simple upgrade is also thrilling. 

At Lazy Maisons, we created a checklist that helps you choose furniture that gives you the best value for money.

  • Furniture must complement your space's overall aesthetic. Consider the balance of blending materials, texture, and colours and be careful not to overdo elements.


  • Comfort matters over style. Pieces around your home must be easy to use, considering your convenience. Choose pieces that are hassle-free to use and help you deal with everyday stress. Smart furniture, for example, aids in your workflow, boosts productivity and gives you more momentum as you go through your day.


  • Durability is a priority. Investing in quality products is a must as these give you years of use and skip the hassle of getting a replacement regularly. Other than that, poor-quality furniture can break and might even be a health and safety hazard under the worst circumstances.


  • If you find mixing and matching colours hard, you can always go for the neutrals. These colours are relaxing on the eyes and complement other furniture pieces.


  • Convertible and mobile furniture is a trend. You can easily transfer these pieces from place to place. Lazy Maisons, for example, offer mobile racks and lockable casters for sit-stand desks so they can be easily moved and used from one place to another.


  • Consider furnishing the fits well with any room. Some items work in bedrooms, living areas, offices, kitchens, and other business spaces, making them easy to use and recycle.


  • Opt for pieces that are easy to assemble and disassemble without professional help. Installers cost extra, and you can still get easy-to-install items that are equally sturdy and trendy.


  • Check out furniture that is easy to store. Being mindful of your space is essential as having unnecessary items adds to everyday stressors. If you need extra space, having stuff that is easy to disassemble and store makes it easier and more convenient.


  • Cleaning isn't supposed to be complicated. Instead, we want to do something else rather than clean and cleaning shouldn't be time-consuming. We recommend choosing materials that are waterproof and easy to clean.


  • Furniture makes a lovely gift. Opt for a piece that is modern, chic, and functional. If you have a loved one who is into productivity and organization, giving them a piece of innovative furniture is a thoughtful act that brings quality into their lives.


  • Check the warranty. You deserve the quality that you are paying for. The warranty offers you protection in case damages occur.



At Lazy Maisons, we recommend considering this checklist when investing in new furniture. Check out what we offer and get the quality while being covered by years of warranty.

Lazy Maisons is also one of Australia's leading sources of sit-stand desks, standing desk frames, tabletops, and stick vacuum. So, if you're looking for an upgrade, you'll know where to find one.