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You’re not alone if you’re running out of gift ideas. So if you’re like most, consider these five pieces of outdoor equipment for friends who love camping, beaches, and park activities. You can even gift yourself some of the items here if you want to, as we are sure you’ll enjoy them.

At Lazy Maisons, we have listed five camping must-haves you and your friends can use to explore the great outdoors. These items are ideal for hiking, camping, beach trips, BBQ, festivals, picnics, and more.

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs give you a comfortable seating experience as you gaze at the sun, fish by the waters, read a book on the shore, or chill in the yard with friends. 

The Lazy Maisons’ Camping Moon Chair is durably made with lightweight alloy making it portable and stable. It’s also easy to install, fold, and maintain and includes a handy carry bag, making it convenient to travel with and store.

lazy maisons moon chair

Foldable Picnic Basket

Store tasty snacks and drinks in one basket for a modern picnic experience. Having a go-to basket makes finding food easy for family and friends. Plus, foldable items make it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Made with durable PP and TPR material, the Lazy Maisons Foldable Picnic Basket is resistant to beating and abrasions, so you can ensure that your food stays safe and secure. Its lid also is multipurpose as you can have it as a small table and lap tray with its cup and phone holder.

Other than that, you can use this basket as a tub for bathing pets, an ice bin for drinks, or an extra storage box in your garage.

folding picnic basket from lazy maisons

Foldable Camping Cart

Are you tired of the idea of carrying heavy bags during camping? You don’t have to be with a foldable camping cart. It allows you to pack and transport your equipment on the camping spot without needing heavy backpacks. You’ll get to save your strength to enjoy other activities rather than using up your energy to carry multiple bags.

The Lazy Maisons Foldable Camping Cart is height adjustable and collapsible, so you can use it comfortably and store it when not in use. You can also adjust the handle at a preferred angle.

Plus, if you want your cart to have more uses, you can purchase an optional cart tabletop to enjoy it as a table.

foldable camping cart


Aluminium Egg Roll Camping Table

Complete your list of camping must-haves with a foldable camping table. Tables allow you to prepare meals, play cards and board games conveniently or paint while being outside.

The Lazy Maisons Egg Roll Camping Table is an excellent addition to your camping checklist. Its X-shaped legs and aluminium construction make it more sturdy than bamboo products.

You can also separate the tabletop and legs and fold them for easy carrying and storage.

Camping Canopy

Life in the outdoors is quite unpredictable. There are days when there is too much sun or light rain. We recommend checking the temperature before you go out and being prepared by having a canopy. Since you can’t prevent the sun from shining, invest in a high-quality roof that gives you and your loved ones shade from the sun’s rays.

The Lazy Maisons Camping Canopy can cover 8-10 persons and accommodates 4-6 persons. It is UV and water-resistant with a robust anti-tear material. If you aren’t camping or on trips, you can also use this in your backyard while having a BBQ with family and friends.

lazy maisons camping canopy


Explore what you and your friends might need at Lazy Maisons. We’re sure you’ll find high-quality and functional gifts for you and your loved ones.