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Hurry! Offer ends on 15th July 2024.

Work and study consist of 8 or more hours sitting in the same position. Sitting is not tiring, but prolonged sitting can cause problems for us in the long run, including posture issues. So, it is essential to move around and stretch our legs.

However, we are reluctant to leave our work and take a walk. This leads to prolonged sitting with no break. Naturally, we will slouch after we are tired of our rigid posture. Hence, using a standing desk to keep working while we relax our legs is better.

How does Lazy Maisons’ standing desk work?

Our standing desk is heigh-adjustable. The desk can be used in sitting and standing height, depending on your need. That is why this desk is often called the ‘Sit Stand Desk’.

Once extended, this desk can reach your chest/or torso area.

Sit Stand Desk Benefits

The benefits of Lazy Maisons’ Sit Stand Desk are not limited to posture correction. Other than helping you maintain your good posture, the Sit Stand Desk can;

  • Reduce boredom 
  • Motivate employees or students to continue working
  • Increase productivity
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Avoid aches and pains, especially on the back

Our desks are also designed to be adaptable to all users. In an office or school, people have varying heights and comfortable positions. Therefore, our desks can be adjusted based on the user.

To make it simpler, Lazy Maisons’ desks are equipped with four memory positions. So, you can log in to four different heights for multiple uses.

Choose Lazy Maisons 

Make the right choice and choose Lazy Maisons as your standing desk store. We made all of our sit stand desks with quality and sturdy materials. All of our tables are also fitted with modern 4-memory position technology, a smooth dual motor, and an anti-collision system.

Moreover, we give a 5-year warranty to all our customers. So, you can be assured that we will help you with any problem during this period.