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Lazy Maisons®
Lazy Maisons 120cm Desktop
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Table Top

Lazy Maisons' Table Top is a crucial part of the overall standing desk. A table top helps distribute the weight of your equipment and reduce the strain on the desk frame.

Hence, we craft our table tops with quality Australian wood to make sure that they are safe, sturdy, and durable. To further increase your safety, we used rounded corners to reduce the chances of injury should an accidental collision happen.

Your convenience is also important, so we designed our table top with pre-drilled holes for easy installing. These precisely positioned holes fit directly into Lazy Maisons' various desk frames.

Desk Top

Our desk tops are compatible with various desk frames, both colour and size wise. You can choose between Cloud White, Walnut, and Oz Oak designs. They have different patterns and colours that suit different tastes, so you can choose which one suits your personal style the best.

On top of that, we believe in doing our best to preserve our natural surroundings. Therefore – with the support from our customers and community – we produced our table top with eco-friendly materials.

Buy at Lazy Maisons

As a Lazy Maisons customer, you will get many benefits short term and long-term.

Once you get your table top, you will receive a full guide to help you install your table. You can access this guide through our YouTube channel or the QR code on your Assembly manual. From these sources, you will get step-by-step instructions to install the table top.

Every table top you buy will have a two-year warranty, too. During this two-year period, we will help you solve any manufacturer defects as long as the circumstances are included in our terms and conditions.

Our customer service will always welcome you, as well. You can reach us through live chat, email, or phone for any problems you encounter.