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Studies show that regularly sitting for hours adds health risks and imposes problems in the future. Even if you regularly exercise, sitting for too long can expose you to these risks. That's where standing desks can help, as it allows you to work while standing up and prevents you from sitting for hours.


Individuals are now prioritising their health, and that's why there has been a rising demand for a healthier way to work. Standing desks are now gaining popularity in the market, and there are so many types of standing desks that you can choose from. For example, you might have seen fixed-height desks that stay at a standing height. And if you've explored other options, you'll see sit-stand desks that enable you to sit and standing positions, whichever you like. These adjustable desks can be manually hand-cranked, while some are motorised and adjust the height with a button.

Beat inactivity and create a healthier way to work with height-adjustable desks. Here are some Pros and Cons of having a standing desk.


Besides avoiding unhealthily sitting for hours, standing while working has many benefits.

Burns Calories

Research shows that standing burns 88 cal per hour while sitting does 80. You can also stretch and walk around to burn 210 calories an hour.

Eases Back Pain

Sitting on your chair for hours tightens muscles and hurts your lower back, especially if you don't observe proper posture and an ergonomic chair. Standing reduces the risk of having back pain as it relieves back pressure. You can also try using an ergonomic chair such as the Lazy Maisons Vera Leather Electric Recliner Chair to give you maximum comfort and multiple health benefits.

Improves Productivity

Studies show that sit-stand desks give individuals 45% more productivity on tasks than purely sitting during the shift.


Everything has some cons, and standing desks also have some.


Standing for long puts a lot of pressure on your legs, knees, feet, and hips, leading to pain. Lifting one leg at a time eases some tension, but being off-balance also affects your posture.

Vein Problems

Being on your feet for too long allows blood to collect in your veins and causes an unsightly appearance in the long run. These veins may also weaken and stretch, leading to varicose veins.

You'll Still Exercise

You can't escape from the need to exercise. You'll still need to have extra physical activities to burn a significant number of calories.

Not For Every Task

You can only do limited standing tasks, such as attending meetings or answering phone calls. However, you may still want to sit down while writing or sketching something on paper.

Avoiding The Cons

The good news is that you can avoid some cons. First, you'll have to use height-adjustable desks to balance your time between standing and sitting. So, try the Lazy Maisons Height Adjustable Desks, beat inactivity, and adopt a healthier lifestyle as you go through hours of work.