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Adding casters to your standing desk is a simple and effective way to improve functionality and versatility. Casters are small wheels that can be attached to the legs or base of a table, allowing it to move quickly from one location to another.

At Lazy Maisons, we'll examine why you should consider adding casters to your desk.


Ease of Movement

One of the main benefits of adding casters to your furniture is its ease of movement. Tables without casters can be challenging, especially if heavy or bulky. With casters, you can quickly move your desk from one location to another, making it easier to rearrange your space or clean your floors.


Flexibility and Versatility

Another benefit of adding casters to your furniture is their flexibility and versatility. Casters make it easy to move furniture around, which can be particularly useful in small spaces where furniture needs to be rearranged frequently. Casters also allow your table to be easily moved out of the way when not in use, freeing up space for other activities.


Protects Your Floors

Adding casters to your desk can also protect your floors from damage. Furniture frequently moved without casters can scratch or damage hardwood floors, leaving unsightly marks or even causing permanent damage. Casters are designed to move smoothly and evenly, reducing the risk of damage to your floors.


Improved Ergonomics

Adding casters to your furniture can also improve ergonomics, mainly if you use your table for work or other activities requiring prolonged sitting or standing. By allowing you to move your furniture quickly, casters can help you adjust your seating position and find a comfortable working height, reducing the risk of strain or injury.


Saves Time and Effort

Another benefit of adding casters to your desk is the time and effort it can save you. Furniture with casters can be easy and time-consuming, particularly if you need to move it frequently. With casters, you can quickly and easily move your furniture without exerting much effort, making it easier to get things done promptly and efficiently.


Adds Style and Personality

Adding casters to your furniture adds a touch of style and personality to your space. Casters come in various styles and colours, allowing you to customise the look of your furniture to match your style and taste. So whether you're looking for a sleek, modern look or something more traditional, there's a caster that can help you achieve the look you want.


Easy to Install

Finally, adding casters to your furniture is easy to do. Casters can be easily attached to the legs or base of your table with just a few screws, and they can be removed just as quickly if you decide you no longer need them. This means that adding casters is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the functionality and versatility of your standing desk.


Lazy Maisons Sit Stand Desk Lockable Casters

Add mobility to your beloved Lazy Maisons Height Adjustable Desks. The Lazy Maisons Sit Stand Desk Lockable Casters are easy to install, sturdy, and securely locked in place with an easy locking mechanism. It smoothly moves on most surfaces without leaving marks and is compatible with all Lazy Maisons Sit Stand Desks. Each wheel can carry up to 40kg, and the set includes four lockable casters and a wrench. 

You have to note that these casters will increase the base height of the desk by 5cm.

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