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A good vacuum cleaner is a lovely addition to your home, especially if you live with a large area, rugs, carpets, and children. That's why having the right type of vacuum becomes a choice you should ponder.

Corded vacuums tend to be heavy, bulky, and operate in a limited area. This may be why some people switch to handheld cordless vacuums, as this type reaches places where corded vacuums can't.

Lazy Maisons lists nine reasons to consider switching to a handheld cordless stick vacuum for your home.



Handheld cordless vacuums have portable designs that make them easy to operate, store, and carry around. They work great, especially if you live in a housing unit with limited space, such as a studio room, an RV, or sharing a room with a friend.


Though all cordless cleaners tend to be lighter than corded ones, we still recommend handheld ones that bagless and weigh less than 3 kilograms. These models have the ideal weight for easy operation, especially if you need to accomplish a quick spot cleaning. Lightweight devices are also beneficial for elderly users and those who have a condition where they struggle with heavy equipment. With lightweight cleaners, even older children can do the chores.

Ease of Use

Cordless vacuums have straightforward features, and kids can quickly figure out how to operate them as it usually comes with a user-friendly interface. Vacuums of this kind also don't suffer damage when dropped. If you have a guest or a helper in your home, or even kids volunteer to clean, you won't worry much when they handle the equipment.

Quick Clean-up

We can't avoid accidental spills or mess, especially when you have visitors, kids, or pets. Handheld vacuums work great for this scenario as you can easily pull them out for clean-up and store them immediately afterward. Corded vacuums take longer to operate as you need to plug them into the nearest convenience outlet.


You're never going back to corded cleaners once you try cordless ones. Handheld cordless stick vacuums allow you to clean anywhere, especially on hard-to-reach corners. You don't have to manage extension wires with corded ones as you struggle to find the nearest outlet.


Cordless cleaners allow you to clean anywhere, especially on the much-dreaded hard-to-reach and tight corners. Skip the hassle of organising extension wires and get the vacuum that's easy to carry. You can also easily clean your car by adjusting these handheld cleaners into a comfortable position.


You might have doubts about the portable cleaners' suction strength. You'll be pleasantly surprised that quality cordless vacuums provide multiple speed options with powerful suction.


Handheld cordless stick vacuums are easy on the pocket, making them a win-win situation for your home.

Lazy Maisons brings you the DY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Stick Handstick Vac Bagless Recharge Turbo, which has two-speed modes with low noise. It comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to do a 40-minute clean. Its 1L dust collector has washable filters for easy dumping and washing.

Vacuuming doesn't need to be stressful. Make cleaning more manageable with the DY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Stick Handstick Vac Bagless Recharge Turbo.


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