with EVERY Desk or Frame.

Selecting shelves for your room is a very important decision. We may not give it too much attention than necessary but our space play an integral role in how we function throughout the day. 

We at Lazy Maisons firms believes that functionality and aesthetics must coexist to contribute the users’ overall wellbeing. That’s why we offer the Multi-Functional 3 Tier Foldable Rolling Mobile Trolley Cart Storage Rack as part of our storage solutions.

Now, let’s discover why you might want to consider a mobile storage as a lovely addition to your home and office.

Maximise Floor Space

Mobile drawers use floor space efficiently as you can reduce the need to have it fixated for long-term use. You can easily transfer it from one spot to another. Compared to fixed furniture, movable racks lets toy move them near your area. For example, when going through a busy study or work week, you might need extra shelves to keep documents and essential stuff within your reach. When it’s over, you can place your shelving in the corner leaving you extra room.

Short Term and Long Term Use

During the planning stage, you usually visualise your storage units around the room. You may estimated the number of closets, racks, and tables that you need. However, we all know that things don’t go to plan accordingly. We may tend to acquire more or fewer stuff than necessary. Having mobile shelves are an economical and convenient choice as they work well with short and long term uses.

Productivity Boost

Everyone loves it when they’re productive. We recommend having mobile storage units as they have an open shelving design where you can locate your items quickly. This open access makes tasks more simple as you can temporarily arrange your stuff within your reach. Having this accessibility lets you save time and effort while storing your files neatly which in turn promotes better work efficiency, productivity, and focus.

Complements Most Modern Homes

There’s beauty in furnitures with minimal designs as it gives you simplicity or a chance to redecorate it to your liking. With such racks you can place trendy boxes, baskets, plants, and other decorations to match your theme.


It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced bumping our toes on pointy furniture corners. Mobile shelves minimises these risks as they can place in corners where you don’t usually walk on. Plus, if you notice that your racks or accident prone, you can just immediately transfer them to another spot.

Nowadays, people want to work smart and they’re bringing more thought on how they want to set up their work area. There has been a certain demand for innovative spaces, bringing in the need for adjustable standing desk, ergonomic chairs, and other out-of-the-ordinary furniture such as mobile racks.

If you want to give mobile racks a try, you can check out the Lazy Maisons Multi-Functional 3 Tier Foldable Rolling Mobile Trolley Cart Storage Rack. It comes in a sleek black design that works well with furniture. So if you need additional storage in the kitchen, bedroom, or the office, the does the trick. 

Made to last, the Mobile Storage from Lazy Maisons has an anti-corrosive and waterproof material. It can handle up to 30kg of weight which makes it excellent for handling books, files, kitchen supplies, laundry, and more.

Experience the difference a mobile rack makes in your home.


Lazy Maisons Folding Mobile Trolley Cart